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Immediacy:  Advertising messages on both radio and the Internet reach consumers immediately.  Radio ads reach many listeners at a single time, while online ads present themselves when the user decides to log on to the ‘Net.  Exposure to advertising on both is complementary and will reach consumers at times when they might not have access to one medium or the other.

Increase Reach:  With a variety of formats in every market and national networks also delivering programming directed to specific demographic or interest groups, Radio allows advertisers to zero in on large numbers of consumers in the age demographics and socio-economic characteristics they need to reach to successfully market their products and services.
While Web sites also deliver niche markets, many are small and users are not all on the site at the same time.  Radio supplements the somewhat narrower reach of most Web sites, resulting in effective exposure across platforms.

Timing:  Radio spots air at certain specified times designated by the advertiser.  Digital advertising’s timing is more random, reaching the consumer at whatever point they log on to devices.  Each has the capability to remind consumers of the other and reinforce messaging impact.

Cut through the clutter:  Radio has done an effective job of cutting down on commercial spot loads in recent years, whereas the burgeoning popularity of the Internet among marketers has created a cluttered environment online.  A campaign on radio will showcase the advertiser’s message and can direct listeners to a site.

Build Trust:  Radio represents a trusted source for information and entertainment among consumers; many Americans continue to exercise caution in using the Internet and believing what they read or hear online.  Radio adds credibility to an Internet-radio campaign mix.

Enhance Recall:  When radio is combined with Internet advertising, it can increase brand recall and help drive awareness.

Drive Consumers to Web Sites

  • Based upon an analysis of over 2,100 local radio ads across 6 different categories: