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Direct Mail

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Cost of designing and producing an effective direct mail advertisement can be high

Timing of distribution is often critical to direct mail campaigns, but design, production and mailing times can be difficult to predict

Targeted mailings are only as good as the mailing list used – addresses can be out of date. Some consumers will ignore direct mail pieces because they feel that "the print mail/catalogs seem like they serve other people's needs, not people like me." (Marketing Sherpa, 2017)

Privacy policies – “Do Not Mail” lists

According to a Marketing Sherpa report, one of the reasons that Direct Mail is ignored by consumers is that they don't trust the print mail/catalogs to provide them with the information they need to make purchasing decisions. (Marketing Sherpa, 2017)

Direct mail is expected to experience a 19% decline in future use within 2017 according to respondents according to the 2016 DMA Response Rate Report

A single mailing seldom produces results, so multiple mailings over time are required, accumulating costs

The mailbox is typically a cluttered environment – the direct mail piece is delivered with many other pieces

The great amount of direct mail that is tossed has environmental implications, and that fact alone may lead some consumers to object to this form of advertising

Only 52% of households read their advertising mail (2016 USPS Household Diary Study)