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Reach: Mass reach, delivered daily: Newspapers reach a relatively large mass audience throughout the market in a single issue. One advertisement in the newspaper typically can create more impressions than a single commercial spot on television or radio, a single outdoor billboard, or online platform. Beyond initial circulation, newspapers can deliver meaningful pass-along audiences and their reach over a week or month is significantly higher than their daily tallies indicate.

Targeting: Geographic targeting is available through combinations of major market and small town/suburban papers, as well as by zoned editions that allow for less than full run of press coverage.

Newspapers boast strong upscale demographics, delivering a high proportion of educated, affluent consumers.

Editorial selectivity is available using specific sections of the paper to advertise to a target audience – e.g., women’s specialty store in fashion section.

Environment: The majority of newspapers retain reputations for high civic-mindedness and integrity in reporting.

Cross-Platform Exposure: A mix of print and digital platforms offered by newspapers affords access to differing demographic segments. Newspaper websites are a growing option for advertisers to reach younger, more upscale audiences. The availability of video ads on digital platforms increases appeal.

Tracking: It is relatively easy to track response to newspaper ads, primarily through couponing.

Ad Timing: Advertisers can place orders and submit copy/artwork with a short lead time.

Content: The combination of text and graphics in the newspaper, when used effectively, can create visual appeal to reinforce the advertising message.

Newspaper ads afford the capability to communicate lengthy, complex or detailed information and descriptions, as well as disclaimers legally required for certain forms of advertising.

Comparison Shopping: The newspaper is an effective vehicle for consumers to price shop and also serves as a primary source for coupons. Newspaper readers and non-readers often seek out ads to learn about store promotions, prices, and to clip coupons for savings.

Ad Size: The medium offers a wide range of ad sizes that allow advertisers to meet their budgetary parameters, ranging from a single column-inch ad to two adjacent full-pages (double-truck display).

Classified Advertising: Many consumers consult their newspaper to look for job offerings, real estate and automotive ads, other buying/selling opportunities.

Opportunities: If newspaper publishers can capitalize on them, online companion Websites and mobile apps can provide newspapers with a vehicle for more immediacy, audio and visual delivery of ad messages.