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Direct Mail

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While overall response continues to increase, there was a slight (2%) decrease in overall mail delivered according to the USPS. This is most likely due to better targeting and larger budgets directed to online efforts. (2016 USPS Household Diary Study)

Messaging can be personalized with the intended recipient’s name – well-designed pieces can make the recipient feel that the piece was created expressly for them, engendering a feeling of trust

Can be cost effective, depending on design and production methods

There’s no limit to the length of the message – can be a few lines on a postcard or a sophisticated package

Direct Mail is less disruptive in comparison to online ads.

A well-designed direct mail piece makes it easy for prospects to respond by including a response card of a postage-paid envelope for privacy

Response rates are easily measured – pieces can be coded so the business can determine where customers are coming from

Flexible – can be as simple as a card of flyer or may contain an actual free product sample

Businesses can build databases based on responses to mailings, and maintain current database

Mailings can be targeted within specific geographic areas or by interests of recipients

Even though costs are high, scale and ROI remain strong when direct mail is delivered to a well targeted audience.